Chinese flute 認識笛子

The Chinese flute, also known as the "Dizi," is a traditional Chinese musical instrument. It is made of bamboo and has a special sound. It is important in Chinese music and culture. There are several types of Dizi, each varying in size and pitch range. The choice of a specific type often depends on the music being played. 


Vocabulary: flute (n) 笛子/ also known as 又稱為.../ traditional (adj) 傳統的/ musical intrument 樂器/ bamboo (n) 笛子/ culture (n) 文化/ vary (v) 變化/ pitch (n) 音調/ range (n) 範圍/ choice (n) 選擇/ specific (adj) 特定的/ depend on 取決於

performer 認識演奏家

Guo Hong-xi is a famous young bamboo flute player from Tainan. She studied Chinese music and graduated from National Tainan University of the Arts. In 2017, she joined the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra in China. Guo has won awards for her flute playing and has helped teach and promote traditional Chinese music. She's known for her skill in playing the bamboo flute and is a respected musician in Taiwan and China.


Vocabulary: famous (adj) 有名的/ graduate (v) 畢業/ orchestra (n) 樂團/ award (n) 獎項/ promote (v) 提倡/ skill (n) 技巧/ respected (adj) 受到尊敬的

presentation 溪州演說

On January 17, 2024, Guo Hong-xi, a professional musician, visited Sijhou Junior High School. She talked to the students about the Chinese flute. She explained the different types of flutes and how to play them. She shared her experience of learning the flute and her love for Chinese music. Guo also talked about working with people who play Western musical instruments. She encouraged the students to try new things and not be afraid.


Vocabulary: professional (adj) 職業的/ explain (v) 解釋/ different (adj) 不同的/ type (n). 種類/ share (v) 分享/ experience (n) 經驗/ Western (adj) 西洋的/ encourage (v) 鼓勵