Chinese Music 國樂簡介

Chinese music has a long and varied history that goes back thousands of years. It is closely connected to China's culture and history, showing the country's ideas, traditions, and beauty.

Chinese Music Instruments

Chinese music has many unique instruments. Here are some popular ones, grouped by type:

String Instruments (Plucked)

String Instruments (Bowed)

Wind Instruments

Percussion Instruments

These instruments, with their distinct sounds, make Chinese music special and unique.








Chinese Music 國樂簡介

Have you ever listened to Chinese music? It's a special kind of music that comes from the country of China. Chinese music has been around for thousands of years. Some of the most popular Chinese instruments are the erhu and the pipa. The erhu looks like a violin and has only two strings. The pipa is similar to a guitar but has a pear-shaped body. Chinese music can express feelings without using words. It can be slow and peaceful or fast and exciting. When you listen to Chinese music, you might imagine beautiful landscapes or feel like you're taking part in a big celebration. It's a wonderful way to learn about China's culture and history through sound.