Living Technology 生活科技

In Taiwan's junior high schools, we have a fun class called "Living Technology." It teaches us important skills for life and how tech works. We learn about things like machines and using computers and the internet. We also get to make cool stuff using science. Doing these projects helps us see how science and tech are in our daily lives, making us curious and understand better. The coolest part? We get to be creative and solve problems by making new things. This class makes us smarter, prepares us for the future, and teaches us how to tackle real challenges.


Vocabulary: skill (n) 技術/ tech (n) 科技/ machine (n) 機器/ internet (n) 網際網路/ stuff (n) 東西/ science (n) 科學/ project (n) 計畫; 作業/ daily lives 日常生活/ curious (adj) 好奇的/ creative (adj) 有創意的/ solve (v) 解決/ tackle (v) 處理/ challenge (n) 挑戰

Tools 工具