Pipa 認識琵琶

The pipa (Chinese: 琵琶) is a traditional Chinese instrument. It has strings and is played by plucking. This instrument is very famous in China and people have been playing it for almost 2000 years.


Vocabulary: pipa (n) 琵琶/ traditional (adj) 傳統的/ instrument (n) 樂器/ string (n) 弦/ pluck (v) 撥/ famous (adj) 有名的/ China (n) 中國/ almost (adv) 幾乎

performer 認識演奏家

Liang Jia-ning is a pipa performer. She used to play the pipa in the Taiwan National Chinese Orchestra. She did well in many music competitions when she was a student. Liang Jia-ning likes to try new ways of playing music. She wants to show Taiwan's culture and beauty in her music. 


Vocabulary: performer (n) 表演者/ used to 以前做.../ national (adj) 國立的/ orchestra (n) 樂團/ competition (n) 比賽/ culture (n) 文化/ beauty (n)

presentation 溪州演說

On December 18, 2023, Liang Jia-ning, a professional musician, visited Sijhou Junior High School. She talked to the students about the pipa, a Chinese musical instrument. She explained the different kinds of pipas and her recent visit to a Music Festival in India. Liang Jia-ning showed the students how to play the pipa and even performed a famous piece called "Ambushed from Ten Sides" for them. She also shared how the pipa can be played together with other instruments from around the world.


Vocabulary: professional (adj) 職業的/ musician (n) 音樂家/ explain (v) 解釋/ recent (adj) 最近的/ Music Festival 音樂節/ perform (v) 演奏/ piece (n) 作品/ ambush (v) 突襲