The Story of Principal Philip Chang

Philip Chang loved math ever since he was young. He was so good at it that he studied math in college. After college, he became a math teacher. His students liked his math classes because he made them fun.

But Philip wanted to help more. He thought, "I can do more if I am a principal." So, he worked hard and became the principal of a school. Even as a principal, he kept studying. He wanted to learn more about education.

At night, after his work at school, Philip studied for his Ph.D. It was not easy, but he did not give up. He worked during the day and studied at night. After some years, he got his Ph.D.!

Everyone at school was amazed. "How did you do both?" they asked. Philip said, "I love learning. It's fun for me." All the teachers and students respected him a lot. They saw how hard he worked.

Philip showed everyone that you can always keep learning. He taught them that if you work hard, you can do great things.